What is the Dress Code?

We want you to be formal COMFY! The dress code is totally casual. This is your time to be with friends, relax, learn and be comfortable.

How much?

$100. That includes everything: meals (supper Thursday through lunch Saturday), lodging, t-shirt.

Can I bring my kids?

Sure. If you leave them in the hotel with some Disney and snacks. Seriously, we love kids, ummmm we are are homeschool Moms. But this retreat is for moms only. Women will be leading in song, prayer, teaching, etc. so there are no dads allowed. If you are a nursing mom your babe is welcome. We have no child care provided. This is a church camp, so you’ll need to bring whatever you might need to care for your baby (high chair, etc.).

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Well… it isn’t the Hilton, but it’ll do. This is a church camp, and there are five twin-sized bunks in each cabin (total of 10 beds). If you need to be close to a bathroom, send us a message and we’ll try to accommodate you. When you arrive you’ll be able to pick your cabin, so if you have some ladies you’d like to stay with, you can do that. If you are coming solo, you’ll have a great opportunity to make some new friends.
NOTE: Please plan to bring bedding. Some prefer to bring sleeping bags, others prefer to bring twin-size sheets, etc. What you bring is up to you, but please *do* bring it.

What if I have food allergies?

We understand! Send us a message about what your needs are, and we’ll communicate with you about that. There will be a refrigerator available and you are welcome to stash any item you bring from home as well as use the microwave/stove/etc.

What if I want to come but I don’t want to room alone? I don’t want to drive alone?

Never fear. Each cabin sleeps up to ten ladies, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make friends. If you’d like a travel buddy, please email us at cochewest@gmail.com or contact us and we will do our best to connect you with other sisters who would like a carpool partner.

I’m new. What should I expect?

Each person will be assigned a number. You will be called upon at our first session to give a two minute speech on why you chose to homeschool. Just kidding. You will find the retreat to be a fun time for all, but no pressure to be out of your comfort zone unless you want to be! We will have speakers address the whole group, panel discussions where you can ask questions, informal social time, and breakout sessions where you can be in small group where you can choose a class suited for your needs. You may come a newbie, but you will leave with a very large family supporting you.

Can I bring my friend? She is really cool, and she is a homeschool mom, but she is not a member of the church?

Our goal at the COCHE West Retreat is to be able to freely share and discuss as sisters in Christ and for that reason, this is limited to members of the church of Christ (hence the name). There are so many opportunities to socialize and learn from friends at other times as well as encourage them and open doors for the gospel. This retreat however, remains a COCHE (West) Retreat.

What if I am told Registration is full?

Let Erynn know you would like to be put on the waiting list. Things change!

What if I have to back out?

We understand. Sick kids happen. Conflicting calendars happen. If you cancel thirty days prior to our event, we will refund your money and allow someone else to register in your place. If you cancel less than thirty days, we are unable to refund you and it will be considered a donation. We still have to pay for food, pay for supplies, etc. We truly hope you understand.

This seems like an amazing Retreat! However, I cannot attend due to (insert issue). How can I help?

Pray. Pray for our speakers by name. Pray for our efforts to encourage moms on this journey towards Heaven! You may also donate (There is a donate button on our website) so we can help moms attend who may be in a financial pinch, or just to help us have some wiggle room in the budget! We even welcome donations from proud grandparents or happy husbands! You can also donate LOL.